The Stanley Cup, unedited

Ice hockey’s top prize is presented to players on the winning team. The quest for every NHL team is to win the Stanley Cup championship, then to have your name inscribed among the greatest names. Some 2,163 names of players and staff decorate the cup.

Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada

photo by John Biehler

Inscriptions and bits of human error

As for naming… There’s hockey hall of famer Bob “GAINY” instead of Gainey. I sympathize with misspelled names. But misspelled teams? How is it possible to slip up TORONTO MAPLE LEAES? BQSTQN BRUINS? NEW YORK ILANDERS? Perhaps someone jotted down Long Island’s team but c’mon, that’s not the paper scrap to give to the engraver. So much for knowing your subject matter!

As for consistency… Call yourself lucky to be named more than once. Count ’em, five variations on Jacques Plante and Dickie Moore. So much for style guidance!

As for corrections… On the trophy? Why the name of a player’s father made it on the cup is an odd problem. But how the mistake was amended is beyond ugly. What’s left of ‘Dad’ is a row of pretty Xs. So much for the first draft.

As for care and feeding… This cup is handled with gloves. This cup has a vault. This cup looks nothing like the bowl Lord Stanley awarded a century ago. Despite its amusing flaws the Stanley Cup remains a gleaming thing to be hoisted.

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